Muston Park Timeline


1875 William Thomas Muston buys Royal Park, 100 acres of land for £100.

1880s Muston runs horse-drawn buses four times daily to his "famous and much frequented" private gardens.

Royal Park Estate is subdivided and sold for £27,750. Muston retains “Penshurst”, an area of 8 acres 3 roods 8 ¾ perches. The land is fenced and the house stands close to Penshurst Street on what appears to be Lot 12 (the middle of the northern section of Muston Park).

1890 William Thomas Muston is Mayor of Willoughby for one year.

1898 April 25 - the tramline from North Sydney to Penshurst Street opens

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1908 The pioneer tramline extends from Penshurst Street to Chatswood.

1911 Construction on the Chatswood-Willoughby stormwater system begins (completed 1968). It is one of the first examples of a separate stormwater and sewerage system.

1921 Muston’s remaining property is subdivided into 35 lots plus Eden Street forming ‘The Eden Estate’, which is then auctioned and primarily purchased by Mr Joseph Knight-Smith (Willoughby Hotel owner).

1926 The Muston family retains Lots 3, 33 and 34.
August - William Thomas Muston dies, aged 84.
November - Willoughby City Council resumes the land owned by Mr Knight-Smith for a public park, who suggests calling it ‘Muston Park’.

1929-1930 The ‘Penshurst Gates’ are donated to Willoughby Park by the Knight-Smith family.

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1931 WCC obtains Lot 3 by swapping it with Lot 2.

1937 June - WCC acquires Lot 47 DP9378 to provide access to Muston Park from Douglas Street.

1938 Cows are grazing on the park land. Council clears lantana, blackberries, paspalum and other noxious weeds, fells 19 trees and grubs out 30 shrubs. The Muston Park Local Committee is formed to care, control and manage the park.

1939 Muston Park is used by Wirth’s Circus.

1940 Six seats are provided in the park at a cost of £15 and a rustic bridge constructed.

1942 January - Sole Bros. Circus uses the park for three days
February - May - Part of the park is used by the military
June - Tree planting begins under a new park beautification scheme

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1952 Rex Hazlewood’s sketch of Muston Park shows the Wisteria Walk extending to Douglas Street. Another pergola is proposed within the arms of the Wisteria Walk as well as a play area for “small children - marbles, hopscotch, etc”.

Existing plantings, including the Moreton Bay Fig, two Bunya Pines and Camphor Laurel are also shown on this plan. Hazlewood proposes additional plantings, including a grove of Spotted Gums - “The King George VI Memorial Grove” - and a grove of Lemon Scented Gums on the southern side - “The Queen Elizabeth II Grove”.

1957 April - Water services are installed.

November - The Wisteria Walk is constructed.

1960s The rocket and other play equipment are installed.

c1974 The toilet block is constructed.

1996 The rocket is removed as it does not meet safety standards.

1999 May – approval to move footbridge 30m downstream from original position is approved.

November – reshaping and planting of the banks to Scotts Creek is completed.

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2001 Plaque on seat dedicated to Mrs Leila Crompton.

2002 Playground upgraded by Ric McConaghy.

2004 Plaque on seat dedicated to Mary Moss.

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