Development Contributions

Council is able to obtain funding for infrastructure and facilities through any of the following:

  1. Section 7.11 Contributions – a nexus based funding mechanism under Section 7.11 of EP&A Act 1979, stipulating that s7.11 contributions can only be charged for the proportion of demand that the new development will generate.
  2. Section 7.12 Levies – a funding mechanism under Section s7.12 of the of EP&A Act 1979 to require the payment of a fixed levy based on a percentage of estimated development cost
  3. Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) - under section 7.4 the EP&A Act 1979, a Planning Agreement is a ‘voluntary agreement or other arrangement’ between ‘developers’ and ‘planning authorities’, to which the developer can provide public benefits in the form of a monetary contribution; dedicate land free of cost; material public benefits; or any combination of the above, towards public purposes.

Section 7.11 & Section 7.12 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 allow Council to collect developers’ contributions towards public amenities and services required as a consequence of development. This may be the provision of new facilities for an area or the expansion of existing facilities where an area is growing.

Changes to Council’s Development Contributions apply from 4 July 2019
Effective on 4 July 2019, the new Willoughby Local Infrastructure Contributions Policy 2019 and the Willoughby Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019 commence to operate.Simultaneously, Chatswood CBD section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2011 and Willoughby City section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2011, cease to apply to Willoughby Council.