Night time economy

The night time economy consists of all the shops, restaurants, cafes, services, pubs, entertainment venues, cultural activities and events that are open or happening between 6 pm and 2 am. The night time economy in Willoughby LGA is vibrant and growing annually. It contributed $561 million to the local economy in 2023.

Chatswood is a key night time economy hub for Northern Sydney. With its central location, safety record and public transport and parking access, Chatswood provides a great retail and dining experience for locals and many visitors annually through a diverse range of multi-cultural restaurants, cultural events and entertainment venues including the Concourse and Zenith Theatres.

In 2023 Willoughby City Council launched its five year Night Time Economy Strategy 2022-2028, to facilitate a vibrant local night time economy with Chatswood as the cultural hub of the North Shore. Council will work with the local business community to grow the local night time economy, including increasing activities and events in the evening, together with the number of local businesses and jobs.

Come and enjoy the night time events in the Chatswood CBD:

  • The Mall Markets on a Thursday and Friday evening.
  • Over 100 licenced restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels.
  • Over 150 businesses open in the evening.
  • Regular events at The Concourse and Zenith Theatres.

Our local centres throughout the Willoughby area which include Artarmon, Naremburn, Castlecrag and Northbridge village centres, Willoughby Road, High Street, Penshurst Street North, Victoria Avenue and Mowbray Road also have many other great restaurants, pubs and craft breweries to enjoy meeting friends and family, and enjoy dining out.

Chatswood CBD night time economy spend

The total night time economy spend has increased by 6.3% from 346 million to 368 million in calendar year 2023. The average spend per transaction by locals and by visitors are $65 and $75 respectively.

Night time economy spend: 2022 - 346.16 million, 2023 - 368.14 million. Dining spend: 2022 - 141.53 million, 2023 - 157.72 million. Other spend: 2022 - 204.63 million, 2023 - 210.42 million.

Chatswood CBD night time economy spend in millions. 
Source: Based on Spendmapp by Geografia.


of dining and entertaining expenditures in Chatswood CBD was from visitors outside of Willoughby LGA in 2023.

$562 million

was spent in Willoughby LGA during night time (6pm - 6am) in 2023, 43% of which is spent in dining and entertainment.

$368 million

was spent in Chatswood during night time (6pm - 6am) in 2023.

It was 66% of the whole Willoughby LGA night time economy spend.

$3.9 million

was spent in Willoughby LGA on 21 December 2023, which was the busiest day in 2023.

This was made up of $1 million in dining and entertainment spending and $2.9 million spending in all other categories.


businesses are open nightly in the CBD for part or all of the period from 6pm until midnight.


was the average value per transaction during night time economy (6 pm to 6 am) in 2023.

Local residents spent $65 on average while visitors spent slightly more at $75.

Thursday night

is the busiest night each week during the night time economy.