Swimming Pool Safety

To ensure the safety of children, particularly those under five years of age, pool owners are required by law to maintain and oversee the safety of their pool area.

If you are a pool owner, or plan to build, buy, rent or sell a property with a pool you must ensure you are aware of laws that apply.


Under the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012, all pool and spa owners are required to register their pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

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Council Registration of Public Pools and Spas


The Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires access to all private swimming pools (including inflatable pools) and spa pools be restricted with a child-resistant barrier.

Pool fencing requirements vary according to when the pool was constructed and where the pool is located, or if under construction. For more information see Fair Trading NSW.


The Swimming Pool Regulation 2008 requires that a compliant resuscitation sign be displayed in clear view of the pool.


Council offers an inspection and compliance certification service to assist owners in identifying if their existing pool meets all requirements.

Cost: see Council's Fees and charges

If you are selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, you must ensure the contract for sale includes a certificate of registration and either:

  • a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance, or
  • a relevant occupation certificate issued within the last 3 years, or
  • a valid certificate of non-compliance

If you are leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, you must provide the tenant with a copy of the valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate and a certificate of registration.


  • Always keep your fence, gates, doors and windows locked secured and in good condition. Regularly check them
  • Always keep your gate and door latches and self-closing mechanisms in good working order
  • Always close your gates and doors when not in actual use. Never prop gates open
  • Never leave climbable objects near the fence
  • Always keep trees, shrubs and creepers trimmed well away from the fence
  • Always leave your filter covered so small children can't get into it and keep chemicals out of view and reach
  • Always supervise children around the pool at all times. A fence is no substitute for responsible supervision
  • Teach your children to swim from an early age
  • Undertake resuscitation (CPR) training for emergency situations.