Rate information

If you own a residential or commercial property you will pay rates to Council, unless your property (a church, school or hospital) is exempt from rates.

The rates you pay allow your council to administer various laws and regulations to help maintain and improve services and facilities for the community. These services may include community services, sporting and recreation services, environmental planning, public health, environmental protection and waste collection, treatment and disposal.  

WCC Rates Factsheet - March 2023(PDF, 179KB)

Pay your rates

What do Council rates pay for?

Rates are used to fund essential infrastructure and services such as:

  • helping to maintain parks and recreation facilities, roads, footpaths, street lighting, and sporting and health facilities 
  • providing library and community services, building control and town planning, environmental planning and conservation, street cleaning, city rangers, pest control and much more.

Rates due dates

Annual rates notices are issued in July, with payment due by:

  • 31 August if you are paying in full. or
  • 31 August, 30 November, 28 February and 31 May if you choose to pay quarterly.

If you pay quarterly, your notices will be issued a month before each due date.

Rates notices

We issue annual rates notices in July. You can setup your own digital rate notices through Payreq or BPAY View.

Setup digital rates notices

Having difficulty meeting your rate payments?

If you are having difficulty meeting your rate payments, please contact Council’s Rates Department


02 9777 1000

to make alternative payment arrangements.

Pensioner Rebates

Pensioners may be eligible for a rebate on council rates. To be eligible:

If you become an eligible pensioner during the year, your rebate will commence from the next quarterly billing period. Or if you are no longer eligible, your rebate will stop at the end of the current quarterly billing period.

Apply for Pensioner Concession