Protecting your home

Climate change has broad reaching impacts on our lifestyle in the future. We are already experiencing changes in our climate systems as a result of an increase in earth’s average temperature. We can act to minimise the impact, risks and damage. 

Climate Change predictions for Sydney

  • Increase in average temperatures;
  • Increased number of hot days and heatwaves reaching over 35 degrees Celsius;
  • Decrease in Sydney’s average rainfall;
  • Increase in high-intensity rainfall events and flooding;
  • Increase in the number of days annually when the Forest Fire Danger Index is “very high” or above, increasing risk of bushfire in the region
  • Continued rise in extreme sea-level events;
  • Increase in average wind speed

Recent key findings in the Climate Council ‘Climate Change 2015 Growing Risks, Critical Choices’ report show that we should act urgently as changes are moving more swiftly than originally predicted: 

Things you can do

  • Reduce our energy consumption at home, work and school. see Energy Efficiency 
  • Switch to Green Power and certified renewable energy 
  • Drive less, see our transport page for local options
  • Vote for the climate in local, state and federal elections 

Improve your resilience 

  • Maintain our homes, cleaning gutters and drains and repairing roof tiles can reduce the impact of heavy rain and prevent flooding
  • Insulate our homes to minimise the impact of both hot and cold periods
  • Install blinds and shading mechanisms for our homes
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Tips to stay healthy and safe in heat waves
  • Keep up fluids and stay cool and safe in heat waves
  • Call SES or understand local emergency risks and plans 
  • Remove any still water sources from around our homes to reduce mosquito breeding grounds