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Community Wellbeing Survey

Council conducts a Community Wellbeing Survey every two years, measuring the wellbeing of our community and residents’ quality of life. Results from each survey are compared with previous years to identify changes, trends and emerging issues over time.

The survey is conducted by Micromex and focuses on the connections between people, access to services and overall wellbeing.

Findings from the survey are used to guide the work that Council undertakes, and shared with other agencies to improve the overall quality of life of our residents.

Some of the key findings from the 2023 survey are:

  • Community wellbeing of Willoughby residents is positive with 97% rating their quality of life as good to excellent, which is on par with 2021 and 2019 results.
  • Willoughby achieved an overall quality of life score of 5.12, a significantly higher score compared to a Sydney metropolitan benchmark of 4.90 (based on 60 local councils).
  • Many wellbeing and connectedness indicators have ‘bounced back’ to pre-COVID levels following a decline in 2021. However, residents expressed a desire to increase connection and engagement with their local community.

Access the 2023 Community Wellbeing Survey report.

You can also access reports from the 2019 and 2021 surveys below.

A Where to Guide

Are you juggling life in lockdown with being a parent, homeschooling, or working from home? If yes, you may find some helpful links in this where to guide, when you can’t go anywhere. We have compiled a helpful list of resources, groups, and activities that you can participate in both online and offline from home or in your neighbourhood. We hope they bring inspiration and fun to the day for you and your family.

Willoughby Profile

Willoughby City Council subscribes to a series of demographic information resources designed to inform community groups, investors, business, students and the general public about the characteristics of Willoughby's population and how they are changing. Find out more about Willoughby profile tools.

Willoughby City Council 2021 Census overview(PDF, 3MB)