Pre-lodgement meetings

It’s a good idea to talk to Council officers before lodging your development application or complying development certificate. Council officers can explain what is permitted on a site and what factors are taken into consideration when determining an application.

Using your sketches or plans, our officers can help you identify any changes that may be required or issues that must be resolved before the lodgement of an application, saving you time and money.

When to book a pre-lodgement meeting?

Council highly recommends holding a pre-lodgement meeting if your application involves any of the following:

  • Developments in a sensitive area (for example, land zoned E4 – environmental living or heritage conservation area.)
  • Residential flat buildings and multi-dwelling housing developments.
  • Land subdivisions.
  • Developments for housing for seniors and disabled persons, boarding houses, child care centres and other community developments. 
  • New, as well as extensions and alterations, to commercial developments and industrial developments.
  • Pre-lodgement booking requests must be lodged at least 28 days prior to meeting.
  • Payments must be received within 5 days of notification to pay (tax invoice).
  • Pre-lodgement meetings - Frequently asked questions(PDF, 179KB)
  • Pre-lodgement meetings - Getting started guide(PDF, 1022KB)

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Which documents are required for a pre-lodgement meeting?

Documentation required includes:

  • photos of the site and surrounds
  • a survey plan
  • preliminary plans and elevations (prepared by an architect or building designer).

These documents must be submitted to Council via email at no less than 21 days prior to your scheduled meeting date. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the meeting.


Pre-lodgement fees are required to be paid when payment notification is sent prior to the meeting.

See Council's fees and charges