MOSAIC Multicultural Centre

MOSAIC Multicultural Centre run a range of activities, classes and programs for Willoughby residents, including:

  • English learning program
  • Community language program
  • Leisure activities
  • Community social groups
  • Technology program for seniors
  • School holiday program.

These programs are designed to bring our residents together, provide support and promote the sharing of different cultures and interests.

Community celebrations

MOSAIC also arranges activities and events for community celebrations such as Harmony Day, a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home, and the Emerge Festival, an annual cultural and arts festival held throughout September.

Volunteer at MOSAIC

MOSAIC Multicultural Centre provides around 50 regular activities onsite and online. All activities are designed and delivered by volunteers with support from the Centre Supervisor. Volunteer teachers are required to commit to 1.5 - 2 hours each week for a minimum of 6 months. Social Group volunteers have various responsibilities but usually volunteer for at least one year. Other short term volunteer positions are available for events, holiday activities and relief roles.

By becoming a volunteer you will:

  • Enhance your knowledge of local multicultural communities and their cultures and traditions
  • Share your talents and passion for the local community
  • Work with a great team
  • Develop new skills and gain local experience
  • Meet members of the local community and make new friends
  • Be an excellent role model for newly arrived migrants
  • Make a real contribution to fostering multiculturalism and community capacity building.

MOSAIC provides a range of activities that you could get involved with:

  • Facilitating ethno-specific community groups
  • Teaching English or popular community languages
  • Teaching art, craft, dance and exercises
  • Cultural events and projects
  • School holiday program
  • Office duties
  • Language support.

Apply to volunteer at MOSAIC

Meet the volunteers

Sonia Jenner

I love volunteering at Mosaic. I am very grateful for the opportunity it gives me to share my knowledge. Because I have spent many years learning languages, I can understand the difficulties my students may encounter, and thanks to them, I keep my own knowledge up to date. Volunteering is not only about giving, as we receive more than we give.

Sonia Jenner

Lynda Hutchinson

I started volunteering because I wanted to contribute to community. Volunteering has enriched my life with a strong sense of purpose and connection to people. It gives me great satisfaction teaching English and to see my student’s conversation skills improving, as I believe it helps them enjoy more fully their life in Australia.  

Lynda Hutchinson

Grace Lee

Volunteering at MOSAIC gives me the opportunity to share what I like with others. Although we speak different languages, dance has no boundaries. Together we enjoy dances, music and friendship. MOSAIC is a big friendly family that I am grateful to be a part of.

Grace the line dance teacher

Mei Theam

My character-builder is volunteering. Though this might sound exaggerated but is not far from the truth due to the many opportunities for learning and contributing just by volunteering! The ice-breaker which got me out of my shell was the day when I first started singing to the seniors with eyes looking away from many pairs of eyes staring at me! From that day onwards, my self-consciousness began to wane whilst my confidence improved. With things which I would love to try but would never dare to before, I can now face the challenge! 

Mei Theam

Janet France

Helping students to learn English is very satisfying as it helps them settle into Australia and gives them autonomy. It helps me connect to other cultures and understand the obstacles they experience. I have met so many wonderful people and we can share thoughts, ideas and a laugh every week.

Janet France

Sophia Huang

I have volunteered at MOSAIC for 23 years. I have met many other groups, participated in many activities. I feel very happy, healthy, satisfied and have been growing with the experience. Studying with young people makes me young and lively. Seeing my multicultural friends getting to know each other and having everyone together in harmony is the best nutrition for my body and soul.

Sophia - Social groups

Mariana La Grassa

As a leader of Italian social group, I have been successful in keeping our members happy with all the activities. I always try to keep a good vibe of satisfaction. I thank Willoughby Council for giving me this opportunity to have this group which I’ve managed for over 20 years. I thank you with gratitude.

Marianna La Grassa

Masako Lin

I started volunteering to be involved in the local community and form new friendships when I migrated to Australia. What I did not expect, and is the secret to my long-term service, was that these friendships became life long and the students became like my family. Volunteering has allowed me to contribute back to society and made me grow as a person over the years.

Masako Lin

Sau Peng Toong

Volunteering enriches my life when I participate and learn from the different cultures and I derive satisfaction when I see the smiles on my students face when they’ve created a piece of work. My confidence grows as I am dealing with people from all walks of life.

Sau Peng Toong

Kay Tang

I am happy sharing my skills with other people in the local community. I find fulfilment when I see groups of my students performing at Chatswood council events to bring joy to the public. Being a volunteer enriches my social life through meeting people from many different cultures as well as people with different interests. MOSAIC Centre is a meeting place for everybody to interact and enjoy the harmony of Australian multicultural community.  

Kay - Leisure activities

 Fiona Vatiliotis

I have had a lot of joy from teaching English and facilitating conversation amongst speakers of other languages. Planning the lessons is mentally stimulating. I enjoy learning a lot about the students’ countries and cultures when they are speaking. It is very gratifying being able to help people talk to each other.

Fiona - English learning

Nobuko Yoshimura 

Since starting my volunteering at MOSAIC, I have had the pleasure of learning and gaining so many wonderful experiences. They have helped me grow as a person. I just enjoy meeting and talking with people and exchanging my knowledge with others. MOSAIC has amazing staff and volunteers who will assist newcomers as well as old students in any way.

Nobuko - Language program



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