Local Council Fact Sheet on Asbestos

The NSW Government has established a central coordination body, the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities (HACA), to improve the management, monitoring and response to asbestos issues by developing coordinated prevention programs.

So that consistent information is available across government agencies and local councils, HACA has developed the Local Government Fact Sheet on asbestos. This provides a minimum standard of information for basic requirements on health effects, safe management, safe removal, safe disposal and who to contact. It also contains a diagram showing where asbestos may be found in a typical home:

Hard copies are available from Council's Customer Services Centre.

Asbestos Management after Storms

SafeWork NSW provide information to assist home owners and businesses that have been affected by recent storms:

More information about asbestos is available on the SafeWork NSW website:

or you can contact Safework NSW for advice on telephone 13 10 50.