Household bin services

Missed commercial bin collection? This could be due to a missing bin sticker or an unregistered bin service. Please contact council on 9777 1000 for assistance.

Council empties each of the three household bins every week.

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General Waste





  • Put your bin out on the nature strip the night before your collection day
  • Only bins issued by Council will be emptied
  • All waste must be placed inside the bins. Items placed next to bins, including garbage bags, will not be collected
  • Needles and sharps must not be placed in any Council bins. These can be disposed safely through the Needles & Sharps service.
  • The lid must be fully closed and the bin must weigh less than 80 kilograms. Overflowing bins can't be emptied.
  • Bins should be placed 1 metre apart for collection
  • Remove your empty bin from the nature strip as soon as practical
  • Bins will be collected on Public Holidays

Why has my bin not been collected?

If your house is the only house on the street where bins have not been collected, it may be because:

  • You may have put the bin out too late.
  • The bin may be too heavy. Bins must not weigh more than 80kg.
  • The driver may not have seen the bin due to an obstruction.
  • The bin may contain contamination or is overfilled. If you have a tag (sticker) on your recycling bin, find out why and what to do next.

Where can I take items for recycling not accepted in my yellow recycling bin?

Use our A-Z recycling guide and our list of Sustainable options for unwanted items on how to responsibly recycle, rehome or dispose of household items not accepted in your yellow recycling bin.

Where can I dispose of hazardous waste such as household chemicals and needles?

Household quantities of chemicals can be dropped off at a free Chemical CleanOut Event or at the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Artarmon. 

Council and local pharmacies are partnered to provide free sharps disposal containers and sharps collection for used needles and sharps. See the list of pharmacies participating in the Community Sharps Management Program. For large volumes of sharps, or to dispose of devices that cannot fit inside sharps disposal containers, contact RUSH (Responsive User Service in Health).

What should I do with old batteries?

Single use and rechargeable batteries can be recycled for free through the B-cycle battery recycling scheme. Find your closest drop-off point including ALDI, Bunnings and more. 

Batteries can also be taken to the Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre.

How can I recycle E-waste (e.g. printers)?

Recycle E-waste at the Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre. Other options for disposing e-waste can be found at Recycling Near You.