Planning Certificates

A Planning Certificate is a legal document that confirms the zoning and applicable rules for development of your property.

Willoughby Council issues two types of Planning Certificate.

  • A certificate issued under Section 10.7(2) of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) (previously known as 149 Certificates), provides information about the zoning of the property, the relevant state and local planning controls and various other property affectations. The matters addressed by Section 10.7(2) certificates are governed by the Act and Regulations.
  • A certificate under Sections 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) provides the information required by legislation under Section 10.7(2) together with any additional relevant matters affecting the land of which Council is aware, for example, decisions of Council to review its planning controls for the land.

While a Planning Certificate identifies all the relevant planning documents that apply to the property, it does not specify development standards or terms of the instruments. A Planning Certificate is not a development approval.

Apply Now

Council does not recommend which Planning Certificate an applicant should purchase. They are purchased for a wide variety of reasons and each applicant should seek their own legal or professional advice on what type of certificate should be purchased in consideration of their individual circumstances. Council recommends all applicants liaise with their solicitor; conveyancer or certifier to decide which certificate best suits their needs.