Laneway activation

The Council has recently completed a successful project converting four service lanes into practical and vibrant connections. Post Office Lane, Charlotte Lane, Spring Place, and Mills Lane in Chatswood CBD have undergone a significant transformation as a result of the project.

The primary objective revolves around enhancing pedestrian well-being by expanding connectivity along Victoria Avenue and elevating visual aesthetics, underscoring our commitment to cultivating a business-friendly environment. By actively repurposing underutilised spaces, our goal is to reshape perceptions, foster understanding, and create additional opportunities for business growth.

We invite businesses, talents, and organisations to explore the possibilities, connect with the community, and position yourself in Chatswood's evolving landscape. The revitalised laneways await your unique contribution, becoming not just pathways but catalysts for growth, creativity, and a vibrant sense of community.

Unlocking laneway spaces for your upcoming event

  1. Business pop-up shops: Imagine setting up a trendy pop-up shop in Charlotte Lane to showcase your latest products, engage with customers, and boost your brand visibility.
  2. Charity fundraisers: Consider hosting a charity fundraiser in Charlotte Lane, creating a dynamic space to raise awareness and garner support for your noble cause.
  3. Talent showcases: Showcase your artistic talents – from live performances and art exhibitions to cultural events, these laneways provide a captivating backdrop for your creativity.
  4. Community workshops: Organise workshops or educational events in collaboration with local businesses, turning these laneways into interactive spaces that encourage learning and skill development.
  5. Lunar New Year and Chatswood StreetFair: Join the festivities at Spring Place and Charlotte Lane, where vibrant stalls, engaging entertainment, and exciting activities will come to life.

How to get involved

If you represent a business, charity, or an artist, and you would like to utilise the revitalised laneways for your events, we invite you to  browse  through the spaces that Chatswood CBD has to offer and make an online booking.

You can also email to explore the exciting opportunities these spaces offer for your endeavours or to get a quote.

Chatswood laneways

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Post Office Lane

Charlotte Lane

Spring Place

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