Smoke Free Willoughby

Adopted in June 2010, Willoughby City Council’s smoke free environment policy aims for a cleaner, healthier and happier community.

Smoke free areas are about increasing the health and comfort of the entire community by:

  1. Reducing second hand smoke: linked to health issues including heart disease, cancer, asthma and other respiratory problems. Children can be at increased risk of asthma, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory infections and ear problems.
  2. Reducing cigarette butt litter: sustaining our public areas, bushlands, parks and reserves.
  3. Supporting a shift towards healthier living: supporting those attempting to quit, and discouraging young people from taking up smoking in the first place. There is also strong community support for smoke free areas.

Public areas where people tend to congregate in close proximity are now smoke free in a bid to find a balance for all members of the community:

  • Children’s facilities, playgrounds and surrounding 20 metres
  • Bushland, parks and reserves
  • All playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities
  • Council run events
  • Alfresco dining areas
  • Chatswood Mall
  • Within 10 metres of Council buildings and car parks
  • Bus stops and taxi ranks 

The Smoke-Free Policy(PDF, 102KB) is enforceable under Section 632 NSW LGA 1993 and those found smoking in restricted areas may be fined.

For more information on the benefits of smoke free areas or to ask questions contact Council.