Cycling is a great way to keep fit, reduce your impact on the environment and is often a faster way to travel when compared to other modes of transport.

Our Green City Plan has a target to increase cycling in our local government area by 10% by 2028, from a 2017 baseline. It’s an ambitious but important target to improve traffic and parking and to reduce our environmental impact.

Local rides

Cycling infrastructure in the Willoughby local government area consists of a mix of dedicated bike paths, shared paths and marked on-road routes which are shown on the Northern Sydney bike map(PDF, 7MB).

You can take your pick of busy commuting routes, bushland paths or gentle scenic tracks out to the waterways.

Artarmon shops to Bicentennial Reserve

Take Burra Rd from the east side of Artarmon train station (a quiet suburban street) down to Artarmon Reserve then join the bike path at Flat Rock Creek, follow it under the Warringah Freeway, under Willoughby Rd then up to the Incinerator Café at Bicentennial Reserve, Small St Willoughby.

Commute to Chatswood CBD from Macquarie Park

Take the shared user path on Epping Road (M2), head north at Artarmon Reserve and follow a mix of on-road and shared paths to Chatswood CBD.

Commute to St Leonards CBD from Macquarie Park

Take the shared user path on Epping Road (M2), head south on Hampden Road and take the marked on-road route to St Leonards CBD

Lunchtime bike rides to and from Chatswood CBD

(involves a mix of on-road and off-road paths)

  1. Head to Bicentennial Reserve via Victor St - Johnson St - Fry St - Sydney St - Zara Rd - Patten Lane - Penkivil St - Willoughby Road - Frenchs Rd - Marlborough Rd - Small St to Bicentennial Reserve. Follow bike path around the oval, through Artarmon Reserve back up to Weedon Rd - Shepherd St - Tindale Rd - Devonshire St
  2. Castlecrag ride via Victor St - Johnson St - Fry St - Laurel St - Second Ave - Edinburgh Road, follow to the end and return on the same route.

There are also many mountain bike rides in Lane Cove National Park that adjoins our council area.

Bike sharing

Bike sharing is an emerging and developing technology that makes cycling a convenient and cost-effective transport option. Bike share programs typically involve hiring a bicycle for a fee from an operator, which is either collected from a docking station or from the street (dockless bikes). Bike share operators and users must adhere to NSW road and cyclist rules and Council’s bikeshare guidelines(PDF, 218KB).

Bike share programs are entirely managed by commercial operators, not Council. Contact the bike share companies directly with any enquiries.

Shared paths

Shared paths are provided throughout the Willoughby local government area for the use of both bicycle riders and pedestrians (including riders of wheeled recreational devices and wheeled toys). 

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Bicycle parking

Council provides bicycle racks at key locations throughout the area. An end-of trip facility is located in Council’s public car park at 75 – 79 Albert Avenue, ChatswoodSecure bicycle lockers are available for hire at Chatswood, St Leonards, and Artarmon train stations, or through Transport Info. Secure bicycle parking is also available on level B1 of the Chatswood Chase car park with free public showers and lockers. 

Bicycle commuting groups

Bicycle commuting groups are a great way for those interested in commuting by bike to get started. Riding with a commuting group allows people to build confidence by learning local bicycle routes, time to gain confidence on the road as well as the opportunity to become part of a cycling community.  

Contact Bike North to connect with local cyclists and find out more on cycling events and activities.

Sydney Easy Riders is a bicycle commuting group based on Sydney’s North Shore that cycles through Willoughby to the city every work day.

Bicycle Consultative Committee

The Willoughby Council Bicycle Consultative Committee provides a forum for bicycle riders to make plans and discuss issues with Councillors and Council staff. It meets approximately 4 times a year and gives Council advice on facilities and design. Resident suggestions for cycling infrastructure improvements and requests for bike racks are welcome and can be made by contacting Council’s Transport Planner on 9777 1000.

Route planning

Northern Sydney Cycling Guide and Map(PDF, 7MB) is available online or copies can be picked up from our Customer Service Centre.

Trip Planner allows you to enter your location and destination and then choose the bicycle icon to show routes based on difficulty. You can also choose a mixed trip using public transport and cycling via the refine tab.

Bicycle NSW provides a map that shows routes across greater Sydney.

Google Maps can help with routes and time to destination if you select bicycle as your transport mode. It also has a cycling layer that shows types of bike routes - go to map details and select ‘cycling’.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services Cycleway Finder shows cycleways across NSW and separates them by difficulty.

Sydney Bike Commuters is a Facebook group where you can share advice and ask questions about plotting routes.