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 Willoughby City Council welcomes buskers to the Chatswood CBD.  

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An activity booking guide(PDF, 645KB) can be found on the ebooking site.

Professional Buskers

Victoria Avenue runs through the centre of the Chatswood shopping precinct and incorporates Chatswood Mall. With restaurants, cafes and large retail outlets it is a high pedestrian area and popular with professional buskers.


  • Due to space, we recommend up to three performers at one time for bands.
  • Choirs and large bands allowed to have more than three performers.
  • Booking period: Four hours per day per location.
  • Professional buskers are encouraged to hold their own Public Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of $10M. In the event that a professional or student busker (non-high risk) is uninsured they will be covered under Council’s Public Liability Insurance Policy. Please advise Council at the time of application if you wish to be covered by Council’s Public Liability Insurance Policy.
  • Chatswood Mall is not available to buskers on market days (Thursdays and Fridays).
  • Fees apply - Currently $16.50 for the 2021/22 Financial Year.

Student Buskers

Six locations have been set aside for student busking in Victoria Avenue between Archer Street and Anderson Street (see green pinpoints on map below). This area incorporates the busy footpaths as well as entrances to large retail outlets.


  • We recommend solo buskers or no more than three performers at one time due to size of footpaths.
  • Booking period: One hour per day per location. Maximum of three locations per day.
  • Full time school students only
  • Chatswood Mall is not available to student buskers at any time.
  • Larger groups that want to perform in Chatswood Mall will need to book as a professional busker.
  • You need a permit to busk in Chatswood, however, no fees apply.
  • You must provide a copy of your student identification card when filling out the ebooking form.

For further information contact: Willoughby Council

9777 1000

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Film makers and photographers wishing to film or photograph in the Willoughby LGA are required to use the Filming and Photography Application Form to seek Council approval.

Applications are to be submitted at least 5 working days in advance of requirement.

Please note: For filming within the Chatswood CBD, please submit an application via our eBookings portal.

Section 68 of the Local Government Act covers many types of activities that require Council’s approval, including:

  • installing structures on public land (e.g. moveable homes)
  • managing waste in a public place
  • operating a system of sewage management within the meaning of s68A
  • swinging or hoisting items over a public road
  • operating a public carpark / caravan park / camping ground
  • installing or operating an amusement related structures / devices
  • using a standing vehicle for the purpose of selling in a public place

A full list of activities can be found in the application form.

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