Council supports and maintains a number of committees on which Councillors, members of the community and Council Officers serve. See below a list of Council committees.

Council's Advisory and Management Committees

Meetings of all advisory committees are open to the public. Your presence as a member of the public is welcome at these meetings. The meeting chairperson will provide an opportunity for visitors to briefly address the meeting or ask questions, though voting is restricted to committee members. To attend an advisory committee meeting, please contact Council’s Advisory Committee support officer at

The meetings of other committees and boards are generally not automatically open to the public, but the minutes of meetings are publicly available. Some of these bodies are also not under the direct or sole guardianship of Willoughby City Council.

Each committee operates under terms of reference that include the purpose and objectives of the committee. Committees have some flexibility in how they operate, but must meet the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations, as well as the Council’s Code of Meeting Practice. The operation of advisory committees is also guided by Council’s Advisory Committees policy.

Phone the Help & Service Centre on 9777 1000 to find out when a committee is next meeting.