Planning for our Future

The purpose of community planning is to help Council continually satisfy the changing needs of its residents. As the community grows and develops, different needs emerge. Proper planning allows Council to ensure that services which may be required in the future can be addressed.

Gaps in services can cause strain on those in the community who are already disadvantaged. Everything that Council does results in some kind of social implication, so through thinking through both positive and negative outcomes of planned activities, Council can avoid adverse results as much as possible.

When Council spots a gap in its service, it can strategise how best to fill that need. Sometimes Council may undertake to provide the service itself, or it may act as a partner or advocate for a group that are better placed to fulfil the need.

Government regulation requires Council to address access and equity issues in its planning, and to support social justice and fairness to ensure that all community members have their rights maintained and have equal access to resources.