Voluntary Planning Agreements

A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority (such as Council) and a developer.

Council has a Voluntary Planning Agreement Policy 2013 which outlines the terms on which a VPA might be entered into so that the community and applicants know Council’s approach and the public process that would be followed.

Voluntary Planning Agreement Policy 2013(PDF, 8MB)

Revised Draft Planning Agreement Policy(PDF, 2MB)  and the Chatswood CBD Community Infrastructure Funding Study(PDF, 2MB) were placed on public exhibition in Sept/Oct 2020.

The Revised Draft Planning Agreement Policy suggests revisions and updates the existing Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) Policy 2013 to present a more transparent process for accepting, negotiating and valuing public benefits. An important aspect to the revised policy is to seek community’s feedback on the introduction of a new funding scheme called Community Infrastructure Contributions (CIC) aiming to replace the concept of “Value Capture” which is no longer pursued by Council. The CIC funding mechanism is represented by a fixed $ per m² rate based on the apportionment of expenditure on public infrastructure works.

For a record of the executed planning agreements that apply to the Willoughby City Council area, see the Voluntary Planning Agreement Register(PDF, 177KB).

See guideline(PDF, 210KB)  on how to structure your Letter of Offer for a Planning Agreement.

Download a template(DOCX, 81KB) for drafting a Planning Agreement.