Barcoo Reserve

Barcoo Reserve

Area: 2,101m²

The SS Barcoo was a coastal passenger steamer built in Scotland in 1885. The ship was hulked in 1911 and used as a naval coal ship in Sydney Harbour. The Barcoo was finally scuttled by gunfire by the Royal Australian Navy off the NSW coast in 1924. The Barcoo River is in Queensland. Barcoo is possibly derived from a Queensland Aboriginal word meaning river. The local word for water is thought to be badu.

This park slopes moderately steeply down from Boundary Road to Barcoo Street. There are a few steps leading up to Boundary Road, a path with night lighting, some mature locally native trees and open grassy areas in the park.


Barcoo Reserve, Between 52 and 54 Barcoo St, Roseville 2069  View Map

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