Hi Neighbours

Creating friendly and resilient apartment building communities

Council’s 'Hi Neighbours' program aims to promote neighbour connections and reduce social isolation among high rise apartment residents.

Council has been working with residents to develop their own projects to engage their neighbours and foster a sense of community within their own apartment buildings. Residents will be invited to take part in engaging events and connect with their neighbours to create cohesive ‘vertical communities’.

Join the Hi Neighbours network

Become a Hi Neighbours community activator

Expressions of interest are open for apartment buildings to join the Hi Neighbours network. Buildings will receive support and funding for events or activities aimed at promoting neighbour connections among residents of high density apartments.

If you are a resident, building manager or strata committee member who is interested in promoting community connections within your apartment building or complex, complete the expression of interest form below.

Hi Neighbours network - Expression of interest

For more information about funding conditions and eligibility, please contact the Community Development team on 02 9777 7592.

Examples of neighbour-building activities or projects include:
- Neighbours BBQ or picnic held in a communal building space
- A games day or sports day at a nearby park
- A sharing or exchange program (e.g. a book exchange or toy library in your building)

Meet your neighbours toolkit

A toolkit of resources is available for residents and building managers to support the creation of friendly and resilient apartment communities. Developed in partnership with Lane Cove Council, the toolkit includes ideas, examples, and downloadable templates that can be used to help your building with your own projects, events and initiatives.


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Web information session

Hi Neighbours webinar: Building stronger communities through connection

For more information, contact Susan Chen, Community Projects Officer, Community Development 02 9777 7592.

This project is funded by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, and delivered in partnership with Lane Cove Council.