OH Reid Oval

Use Cricket (1 x synthetic), soccer
Facilities Change rooms/ toilets
Lights No
Address Reid Drive, Chatswood West

Please note: Grounds may be closed during or after wet weather. To check the status of our grounds, check the Ground Closures page or phone the Wet Weather Line on 9777 7631.


The Ovals will be sprayed with a pesticide for the control of Bindii, Clover and miscellaneous weeds/ pests.

Date: Monday 15 August 2022 to Friday 11 November 2021

Staff will be present on site during and after application for a period of time.

Should the weather conditions be unsuitable on the day spraying will be re-scheduled.

Products being used include but not limited to: Destiny, Monument, Meridian, PennMag, Acelapryn, Spearhead and foam droplets

These chemicals are for selective control of bindii and broad-leafed weeds and do not accumulate in the environment, requiring very low application rates of the active ingredient compared to other common selective herbicides making it the product of choice for use in public spaces (eg. sportsfields and recreational parks).

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