O.H. Reid Reserve

O H Reid Memorial Park - Playground

Area: 7.5 ha (including sportsground)

Named after Oswald Hector Reid (1899-1947), foundation member of the Willoughby/Ku-Ring-Gai Cricket Association, Willoughby resident and respected football player. The land was acquired from the Loxton Estate in 1933 for public recreation and was formerly known as part of Fuller Park.

The playground provides a diversity of physical, explorative, interactive and imaginative play opportunities. The equipment includes a climbing net, swings, living cubby, balance beams, movement activated sound and a sandpit with a diprotodon dig.

A plaque was unveiled in the park in 2006. It commemorates Garry Crossley (1954-2004), “A local man of principle and community spirit” who helped to ensure O.H. Reid Reserve was retained as community open space. The sculpture of Garry Crossley’s dog, who was always walking with him, is by Jamie Sargeant.

An owl has been etched into a rock (2011) in memory of prominent local resident Dr Stella Cornelius, who regularly walked in the park, with a plaque stating "Wise Owls dream of Peace, Wise Owls make it happen".

The Reserve acts as a significant as an ecological corridor to other large bushland areas including Ferndale Park, Mowbray Park and the Lane Cove National Park. There are hollow-bearing trees and some dense stands vegetation that provide habitat for small birds such as Fairywrens. The Reserve and the golf course facilitate the movement of wildlife from other larger bushland in both north-south and east-west directions.


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