Solar Power Bulk Buy

Solar Bulk Buy Opportunity! Buy quality solar products at a special Willoughby City Council price

Are you thinking of installing solar power at your home?

Willoughby City Council residents have a unique opportunity to access a bulk buy program.

Council has partnered with a reputable solar power supplier to provide residents with quality solar power and battery products at a preferential Willoughby City Council price.

Residents can opt for:

  • Solar power only
  • Solar power and battery systems
  • Battery only

The options available are (starting prices only - see notes below):

Solar panels

Sungrow Inverter

Suntech 415w N-Type panels

SolarEdge Genisis Inverter

No panel level monitoring

No smart device

No battery interface

REC Twin Peak 400w black panels

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

Panel level monitoring

Consumption meter included

Battery interface

Smart device compatible

REC Alpha Pure-R 420w black panels


$4, 640











  • Prices for single story, single phase, corrugated Colourbond roof with no array splits.
  • Black rail on all systems.


SolarEdge Home battery

DC coupled including backup interface

Tesla Powerwall 2

AC coupled including backup gateway

Alpha ESS Goodwee

AC coupled

Alpha ESS Smile5

Hybrid battery & solar combo

6.6kW solar system with 10kWh Alpha battery











Please note:

  1. All prices include GST and the STC rebate has been applied.
  2. Not all household roofs will be suitable for system pricing as indicated.
  3. Prices are based on a single storey house and a corrugated metal roof. Tile/Klip-lok roofs and houses of two or more storeys may incur an installation premium.
  4. Steep pitch roofs have additional safety requirements, which can incur significant additional costs to install.
  5. Solarpro will attend site to assess suitability of your house at the time of quotation.
  6. This offer is only available to Willoughby City Council residents for a limited time.
  7. The Willoughby discount is listed on the quote.

Request a quote

For more information, visit Solarpro or call them on 02 9453 1485 to learn more about the systems on offer.

If further advice is required, contact Peter Lisle, Sustainability Team Leader on or 02 9777 7614

Willoughby City Council selected Solarpro as the delivery partner after advertising locally for proposals to supply solar and battery systems. All respondents were assessed across a range of criteria in order to deliver what Willoughby City Council determined to be the best overall value product suite to residents.

Disclosure to Consumers(PDF, 110KB)

Find out general information on solar power and batteries

Chatswood resident testimonial

Alan and his wife Maleka live in a townhouse in Chatswood and recently installed a 5.2kWh solar system through Council's Solar Bulk Buy program.

'Couldn't be happier with our solar install! We were very impressed with the options provided by the supplier and the detail of the quote. They looked at a number of options for the panels across our 3 roofs, explained the different inverter options and were easy to understand. The install was completed in a day and the final conversion from our electricity supplier was fast and painless. 

We had been meaning to install solar for many years due to our belief in the importance of renewable energy to reducing our carbon footprint. The Willoughby Council Bulk Buy scheme provided the impetus for us to finally do it. We have moved to using washing machine, dishwasher etc. during the day when we have surplus energy and our energy bill is now negligible!'

Alan Solar bulk buy case study.jpg

Alan and Maleka, Chatswood residents