Green Power

Want to switch to certified renewable energy? It is easy to switch to buy renewable and support the renewable industry for a low carbon future. 

First, reduce your consumption through energy efficiency, then purchase the highest amount of certified renewable energy you can afford, directly through your energy provider.

  • See the Green Electricity Guide for an independent comparison of energy providers in Australia.
  • Go to GreenPower to buy certified renewable energy.
  • Explore options for solar power on your home. Make the most of Council's Solar Bulk Buy opportunity which provide residents with quality solar power and battery products at a preferential price. 
  • Recharge your electric vehicle through Council’s solar farm charging stations. View our map of charging points.


A few additional tips to help select a sustainable energy provider:

  • Check whether the retailer is certified by Climate Active, which works in partnership with the Australian Government.
  • Check if the company are actively investing in sustainable energy sources.
  • If it's owned by a larger parent company, what are their green investments?
  • Look closely at energy fact sheets provided by retailers, which include details of rates and any green energy or carbon neutral options.