Our philosophy

Our pedagogical philosophy principles are intertwined to represent our visions, values and practices for our children, families as well as the wider community.

Viewing children as capable and competent

  • We have a strong image of the child and childhood; we identify children’s strengths, interests and dispositions by engaging with them and working with their families.
  • We support children’s voices and opinions and enable them to feel valued.
  • We support children to develop their self-image as competent and confident learners.
  • We acknowledge children’s rights for learning at Devonshire Street as well as the wider community; and we embrace children’s everyday discoveries.

Responsible and transformative practice as educators

  • We endeavour to take children’s learning journeys with them by working collaboratively and reflecting on our own professional values and practice.
  • We use listening as our pedagogical practice and we value children’s views and ideas about the world.
  • We provide children with support, guidance and nurturing so that they grow to be competent and strong learners.
  • We build respectful and mutually trusting relationships with children and families to achieve shared goals.

Learning environments where space meets nature, culture and future

  • We value the environment as a significant learning space and we are committed to building a safe and stimulating leanr ing space.
  • We plan and reflect on learning experiences for children.
  • A sustainable future is our shared vision, so that we nurture children to be responsible for their own environment by implementing sustainable practices.
  • Our learning environment represents and reflects the cultures and diversity from our local community as well as wider society.

Play as learning and discovery

  • Play is at the centre of our pedagogical curriculum and we provide children with a range of play experiences which expand their thinking and development.
  • We are here to advocate children’s play as lifelong opportunities.
  • Children have the right to play and to explore the world around them.

Learning community

  • We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we live, play and learn. We recognise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their culture and history.
  • Devonshire Street strongly values working with children and families who come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • We are committed to providing all families with quality education and care.
  • We are committed to actively contributing to local groups and our sector by developing professional networks and our own professional development.
  • We believe working in partnership is central to our practice; and we strive to develop strong partnerships with families and extended community groups.
  • We value our community as an extended learning environment.
  • We continuously seek learning opportunities for children’s learning within the community.