RecycleSmart pickups

Recycling is easy with our partner, RecycleSmart!

To help our residents improve their recycling practices, live more sustainably and work towards becoming a zero waste community, we’ve partnered with RecycleSmart to make recycling tricky items easier.

Residents can book their Power Pickup, leave their bag of recyclables at their door and a local and friendly driver will come and make sure every item is properly recycled.

Explaining the Power Pickup

Recycling the tricky stuff (like e-waste and clothing) is as easy as pie:

  • Scoop up all those tough-to-recycle things and fill up a shopping bag.
  • Book a pickup in 3 clicks from the RecycleSmart app or website and pick a date that suits you. We collect Monday to Friday, and you don’t even need to be home.
  • Your 2 options:
    • Subscribe for a free recurring Power Pickup. RecycleSmart will collect up to 2 bags for free each time. You can skip, edit or cancel anytime until 4pm the night before, and you can add additional bags for $7.50 each.
    • Or book a on-demand Power Pickup for $15 for 2 bags + $7.50 per extra bag.
  • Place the bag/s outside your house on the pickup date before 8am. The RecycleSmart team will come to your doorstep and ensure your waste is properly recycled. We weigh every bag we collect, so you can keep track of your recycling records! 

Update from 1 October 2023:

To avoid waiting, RecycleSmart offers an on-demand Power Pickup service for $7.50 per bag (minimum 2 bags).  

Want to know more about how to pack your waste, what bags to use and how the collection works? Check out the RecycleSmart FAQ.

Any questions, get in touch with the friendly RecycleSmart team by email at

There are plenty of other local recycling options for some of your items aside from using RecycleSmart, you can visit our A-Z of Recycling page to find out where to take them.

Accepted waste

  • E-waste: Small electronics, appliances, batteries and mobile phones
  • Soft plastics: Plastics that can be scrunched such as bread bags, biscuit packaging, bubble wrap, produce bags
  • Textiles in good condition including clothing, shoes, bags, towels, bed linen
  • Textiles in non-reusable condition: clothes and bed linen that cannot be reused (separate and clearly label your wearable and non-wearable textiles)
  • Sneakers and other sports shoes (separate and clearly label your wearable and non-wearable shoes)
  • Takeaway coffee cups without lids, emptied, rinsed and separated
  • Books, toys and CDs/DVDs in good condition
  • Aluminum coffee pods in sealed plastic bag
  • Empty cosmetics and skincare or haircare packaging
  • Lightbulbs, paint (sealed), x-ray films, printer cartridges
  • Blister packs (trialling collection)
  • Polystyrene that is hard, clean, white and preferably not broken up
  • And more, find the full list on the Recycle Smart website
  • Note, we do not collect perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, nail polish remover bottles, needles and syringes. 

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