E-waste can be recycled free of charge at the Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre (8 Waltham Street, Artarmon). 

Small electronics are accepted as part of our recycling doorstep pick-up service RecycleSmart.

Electronic waste - also known as e-waste - is a high priority for recycling. This is because e-waste generally contains high-value, recyclable metals. If these materials go to landfill, they can become hazardous to both humans and the environment.

E-waste is NOT allowed in your weekly rubbish collection.

E-waste is NOT allowed in kerbside Clean Up services.

Other options for disposing e-waste can be found at Recycling Near You. These programs have limitations on accepted items and fees may apply.

Batteries: Single-use and rechargeable household batteries can be taken to all Aldi, Woolworths and Battery World stores, and selected OfficeWorks stores, or to our Community Recycling Centre. They are also accepted as part of RecycleSmart

Mobile phones: can be taken to most mobile phone stores, Woolworths stores, selected OfficeWorks stores and our Community Recycling Centre. They are also accepted as part of RecycleSmart. Visit our Mobile Phones listing for more information.

Cartridges: printers, photocopiers and fax cartridges can be taken to Australia Post outlets, selected OfficeWorks stores or can be dropped off at our Community Recycling Centre. They are also accepted as part of RecycleSmart.

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