Water Efficiency

Since the millennium drought, councils and the community have reduced water use and large savings have been achieved in industrial and commercial businesses. However, as drought continues, there are still improvements to be made in irrigation practices and general maintenance to ensure the water savings are continued.

To reduce water use, Council has implemented a range of water conservation and efficiency projects throughout open space and buildings. A water efficiency audit completed in 2017 identified a further range of actions that could achieve savings of around 14ML per year.

These actions included repairs, ongoing maintenance and monitoring so that leakage and water waste does not occur in the future. Several of the actions have been completed, in particular modifications at the Willoughby Leisure Centre to connect rainwater to new toilets, and an upgrade to the pool and spa filtration systems.

Council also progressively renews all water fixtures to comply with efficiency standards of the current plumbing standards and the Smart Approved Watermark. 

Council has Better Business Partnership (BBP) officers who help small businesses reduce water consumption along with Sydney Water business customer service staff who assist larger water users make savings