Bushland Management Plans

1. Urban Bushland Plan of Management

The Urban Bushland Plan of Management 2014 establishes clear and consistent management policies across all bushland areas throughout the Willoughby local government area. It is the overarching plan for all bushland in Willoughby and has been prepared under the requirements of the NSW Local Government Act 1993. 

This plan of management has been prepared in two volumes:

Urban Bushland Plan of Management Volume 1(PDF, 6MB)

  • Provides an overview of the bushland resource for Willoughby
  • Identifies key impacts and issues affecting the bushland resource
  • Establishes management Aims, Objectives, Targets, Actions and Measures for the issues identified.
  • Review Period - 5 years

Urban Bushland Plan of Management Volume 2(PDF, 10MB)

Provides detailed information about the Bushland Resource. This information includes:

  • Reserve maps
  • Native plant lists and vegetation community profiles
  • Wildlife species list
  • Aboriginal Archaeological Information
  • Heritage listed items
  • Reserve Assets
  • Other site specific management information.
  • Review Period - Reviewed and updated regularly

2. Reserve Action Plans

Reserve Action Plans list the practical actions for each individual bushland reserve within Willoughby. All management goals and policies contained in the Urban Bushland Plan of Management automatically apply.

Reserve Action Plans provide detailed site specific information. This information includes:

  • Proposed management actions
  • Map of reserve
  • Reserve profile
  • Statement of significance
  • Reserve impacts
  • Wildlife habitat issues
  • Achievements
  • Native plant species list
  • Review period - 5 years

Visit the parks and reserves pages pinned on the map below for more information and the plan for each site.

In the event of any inconsistency in policy between the Urban Bushland Plan of Management and other Council policy or guideline documents, the policies contained in the Urban Bushland Plan of Management shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

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3. Griffin Reserves Castlecrag Plan of Management 2016

The plan covers the southern side of the Castlecrag peninsula known as the Griffin Heritage Conservation Area, in recognition of its cultural and historical significance. The area was designed by landscape architect Walter Burley Griffin and his wife, architect and artist Marion Mahony Griffin for the Greater Sydney Development Association in 1920.