Chatswood Mall and CBD

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Chatswood Interchange is a central transport hub for the north shore with buses, trains and the Metro line. It’s also a world class shopping and food destination with more than 20 million shoppers visiting annually. This pedestrian walkway is located in the centre of Chatswood, and links Chatswood Interchange to the Chatswood shopping district and The Concourse.

Chatswood Mall is home to a many outdoor eateries, restaurants and cafes as well as a number of popular stores and services. The popular weekly Chatswood Mall Market is held here every week. It’s a perfect location to promote the latest products and to hand out samples or to engage with the Chatswood community on the latest show or event.

Several locations can host large scale user experiences and live activations and can support marquees, stages, AV equipment, furniture, food displays and much more.


Railway Street

Main thoroughfare between Chatswood Interchange and office towers, the location is a high pedestrian area for workers and to Chatswood High School and Chatswood Public School.


Chatswood Mall upper

Immediately capture the people leaving the Interchange that are heading to the shopping centres or schools alongside The Ripple sculpture.


Chatswood Mall centre

The largest space available for activations, Chatswood Mall centre is ideal for all sorts of promotions hoping to capture a high number of pedestrians with room for furnishing.


Chatswood Mall lower

Right outside Westfield and Lemon Grove shopping centre’s entrances as well as having some cover by the footbridge above, this is a high foot traffic area.


The Concourse grass area

On The Concourse grass area, a dedicated spot for events and activations that require more room and power for engagements. Perfect for performances and product launches.


The Concourse entrance

A great spot for sampling, display and activation right at the front of The Concourse facing Victoria Avenue and Chatswood Mall.


Spring Street

A flat space with shade from trees and the main walking path between Chatswood Chase and Westfield, this location also gets high student foot traffic from 3 schools on Archer Street.



The maximum power available onsite is 10amps at 240v. Generators will be required if you need more power. There is a weight limit of 5 tonnes, any heavy structures will need to be levelled out with padding to distribute weight. Chatswood Mall has a slant of 10 degrees.


The cost of promotions depends on the space used, facilities required, the complexity and equipment used onsite. As a guide, general costs are as follows:

  • Medium activation within a 3m x 3m space with equipment and up to 3 staff - $1150 per day.
  • Large activation above 10m x 10m space with equipment and staff - $2300 per day.


Please email to discuss your promotion or to get a quote.

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