Our Future Willoughby 2028

Our Future Willoughby 2028(PDF, 4MB)  is the community’s long-term vision and priorities for the future of the City.

Under the Local Government Act NSW 1993 all NSW councils are required to meet the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework which includes the development of a 10 year Community Strategic Plan (CSP). The CSP identifies the aspirations and priorities of the community for the future of the local government area. 

Council has a custodial role in initiating, preparing and maintaining the CSP on behalf of the local government area. It is not wholly responsible for its implementation. Other partners, such as state agencies and community groups are also required to deliver the long term objectives of the Plan. 

Council undertook seven months of community engagement which was synthesised and incorporated into the development of the Our Future Willoughby 2028. The Our Future Willoughby 2028 identifies the vision for the future of Willoughby City as:  

Willoughby’s diversity underpins our liveable and prosperous City’.

This vision is supported by five strategic outcomes as outlined below and supported by a number of priorities:

  • A City that is green
  • A City that is connected and inclusive
  • A City that is liveable
  • A City that is prosperous and vibrant
  • A City that is effective and accountable

To bring this vision to life, we also prepared a four year Delivery Program 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB) , and one year Operational Plan 2019-2020(PDF, 4MB) .

Supporting Documents

Looking for an earlier edition?

Available above are the previous two most recent editions of the Willoughby City Strategy. To view earlier editions contact Council on 02 9777 1000 or via email.