Inspire to Lead project

Community leadership development project

Inviting community leaders, religious leaders and community volunteers to be part of ‘Inspire to Lead’- Community leadership development project.

The project will enhance and develop the skills and knowledge of CALD leaders to build cross-cultural understanding, community resilience and social cohesion. A network of local community leaders will be provided with training to facilitate linkages between stakeholders, key services and increase community connection across diverse community groups.

Participation in the project is open to all leaders from multicultural communities in the Willoughby LGA.

The project has three main components:

  1. Development of leadership skills.
  2. A cultural exchange program, allowing leaders to witness and understand different cultures within the Willoughby LGA.
  3. Development of a network of community leaders for the ongoing promotion of community connection with CALD residents.

The project deliverables will include series of six workshops, two collective sessions and cultural exchange tours. Participants are expected to participate in all the sessions.

The project will be delivered from January 2023 to December 2023.

This project is sponsored by Multicultural NSW and is delivered in partnership with Armenian Community Welfare Centre Limited.

For more information about the project and to participate in workshops and cultural tours please contact: or call on 02 9777 7737.

Leadership training workshops and cultural tours 2023

A total of 149 participants engaged in the leadership training and workshops, while 189 individuals took part in diverse cultural tours. The combined attendance for both the training and cultural tours reached 371 participants.

Empowered by the training received through the Inspire to Lead project, community leaders are set to coordinate an International Women's Day event in 2024. This event will serve as a practical application of the skills and knowledge acquired during the programme.

The Council remains committed to ongoing community capacity building for diverse multicultural community leaders, aiming to nurture community champions who contribute to the overall well-being and unity of the community.