Online Grants Application Process

Using the online application

To submit an application through the SmartyGrants website, you will need an email address as your log in and a password of your choice. Keep a record of the website address, your login and password details so you can access your application from any computer with an internet connection.

Apply Online

Input to your application from other people (e.g. committee members, staff, volunteers)

You can share your login and password details with other people from whom you want help completing the application form. They can use the login and password details you have provided to access your application at any time to make contributions, edits and add new information (e.g. to upload insurance details, certificates of incorporation, financial details, project budget details and so on). Even if you don’t need help to complete the application, have someone proof it for you.


Only the people you have given your password and login to can access your application. Council will be able to see that you have commenced an application but will not be able to access the contents of the application until you have submitted the application.

Saving and editing the application

Save your application regularly as you are working on it. Changes can be made at any time until you submit the application, after which you will receive notification that the application has been received by Council. Applications cannot be amended after they have been submitted.

Need Help?

For assistance with the online application system, phone Tracey Walker 9777 7982.