Update on the closure of Northbridge OOSH

Posted: Friday, 17 May 2019

Key Points:

  • Council and the affected schools are working closely together to ensure a continued OOSH service.
  • A replacement operator has been sourced and is able to provide an interim and long term OOSH service.  
  • The operator is of excellent quality, has the ability to transport children and can provide a service for all affected schools.
  • The operator is well known to Council and local parents.
  • The operator will ensure a continued service from the date Kids Capers ceases, including the July vacation care period.
  • The operator will continue service from the current Warners Park facility.
  • Council will be in a position to announce the operator early next week.
  • Families should be able to book from the middle of next week.
  • Principals will provide communication for parents via email and school newsletter updates.

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