Storm Damage Update

Posted: Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Following Tuesday’s storm, Council’s first priority is to clean up our roads and then footpaths of any fallen vegetation and debris.

If you have been effected by the storm and you have excess vegetation to be removed from your property please place debris in your green bin which is emptied weekly. If the vegetation does not fit in your greenwaste bin, you can book a vegetation clean up service online. Council is unable to enter private property to remove materials, if you are unable to move the debris to your verge please call a private contractor.

To utilise the vegetation clean up service you must comply with the service conditions i.e. only present tree prunings / loppings such as branches.  Council cannot collect loose vegetation, it must be bundled together and tied.  Do not present vegetative material in plastic bags. Branches thicker than 75mm diameter and longer than one metre long will not be collected. 

The vegetation collcted will be sent to a mulching and composting facility. Please note the terms and conditions of the service on the booking form.

If a tree is causing a life threatening situation call the SES on 132 500.

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