Northbridge Oval – Proposed Sheltered Seating

Posted: Wednesday, 26 April 2017


New sheltered seating has been proposed for the top of the viewing wall by Northbridge Football Club. The Club intends to fund the cost of the sheltered seats, with Council taking responsibility for ongoing maintenance.


The benefits of the seating are:


  • Provides upgraded seating
  • Provides shade/ weather shelter
  • Provides improved viewing to the sports oval.

The sheltered seats are located in three (3) separate bays on the top of the wall, allowing good views onto the oval and resting opportunities for park visitors.

The stepped seats are constructed in dull grey coloured concrete; the shelters are galvanised steel, with spray painted polyurethane factory applied finish. The fabric of the roof shelter is a waterproof PVC of a light grey colour.

Northbridge Oval - seating

There will be 3 seating bays around the top of the stone retaining wall: 2 adjacent to the west side of the pavilion and 1 to the east of the pavilion. The layout plan pdf format shows the exact location of each bay.


The Club intends to complete the work before the end of 2017 (weather permitting).


The work does not require Development Consent, and is consistent with the Northbridge Park Master Plan (2010) pdf format to the extent that the seating provides a cost effective alternate to the tiered seating terraces as originally proposed in the Master Plan. The proposed seating does not preclude installing the tiered seating terraces at a future date.


A deed of agreement between the Club and Council covers:


  • The Club to fund the cost of construction
  • Council  to oversee the construction
  • Council to provide ongoing maintenance (estimated to be $1000 per  year)
  • Seats and shelters to become the property of Council
  • Seats to be used by all sporting hirers of the sportsground, and the general public
  • Non-exclusive use of Northbridge Oval by the Club

For enquiries: contact the Council’s Open Space Co-ordinator, Julie Whitfield 9777 7751 - until Wednesday 17 May 2017.

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