Weekly collection

Council empties each of the three household bins every week.

Check your collection dates

 Willoughby City Council red-lidded bin for household waste Yellow-Bin.jpg   Green-Bin.jpg   

General Waste





  • Put your bin out on the nature strip the night before your collection day
  • Only bins issued by Council will be emptied
  • All waste must be placed inside the bins. Items placed next to bins, including garbage bags, will not be collected
  • Needles and sharps must not be placed in any Council bins. These can be disposed safely through the Needles & Sharps service.
  • The lid must be fully closed and the bin must weigh less than 80 kilograms. Overflowing bins can't be emptied.
  • Bins should be placed 1 metre apart for collection
  • Remove your empty bin from the nature strip as soon as practical
  • Bins will be collected on Public Holidays