Request for additional or new waste/recycling/vegetation service


Step 1.Before you start

Customers can request either a new or additional Domestic Waste Management Service.

  • New Full Domestic Service
  • Additional Full Domestic Service
  • Extra Green waste Service
  • Extra Recycling Service

 The new full domestic service request is for new dwellings

There is no provision for requesting an extra Red (Garbage) Bin service.  If customers require an extra red bin they need to apply for a full service.

The additional service is ongoing, and not available for seasonal or one off requests. Minimum period is 12 months.

There is a charge for this service which is added to the Rates Account - Only the rate payer can apply for the service.  Tenants need to contact their Managing Agent or Landlord. 

The fee is applied pro rata for the financial year.

Important: Cancellation of additional services must be made in writing to

Step 2.Complete the form

Click here to view form.

Step 3.Wait for our review

We’ll review your application.

You will be contacted if any information is missing from your application and to notify you when the bins have been delivered and the additional charges.