Sanders Park

Sanders Park - Picnic Table

Area: 3,231m²

Named after Edward Lloyd Sanders (1888-1943), Member of Parliament for Willoughby 1927-1943. The land was acquired from William Wilson and John Hunter of Willoughby in 1929, and developed as a local park and playground. Access to the park is from Julian Street or from the small carpark between Borlaise Street and the SE corner of the park.

A wide concrete path winds through the centre of the park. The path is lined by five Ornamental Pear trees (Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer), which provide Autumn foliage colour and Spring blossoms. There are also paths to and around the playspace. Some of the picnic settings and seats are located next to the pathways.

The playground includes swings, a climbing net, climbing wall, climbing bars, spinners, slides, trike track and there is an open grassy area for ball games, running about and picnics. The playground is shaded by established trees, and there are both sunny and shady areas in other sections of the park.

The park forms part of a pedestrian link between Julian Street, Borlaise Street and Gorman Street, and Julian Street is identified as a suggested cycling street in walking and cycling guides. Bus stops are located nearby at the corner of Frenchs and Willoughby Roads, and near the corner of Julian Street and Willoughby Road.


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