Walk With Me: Call Out


Performing Artist and Performance Deviser, WeiZen Ho, would like to invite the residents of Willoughby to take her on a walk in the local area. Participants are encouraged to take her along their favourite route or to local places which are symbolic to them.

These walks with the residents of Willoughby will inform her performance-installation artwork illuminations of created place. The method of walking and sharing with the residents of the area will help the artist to consider the history and significance of the site. WeiZen believes that walking helps to activate the body memory and can elicit stories not just from the present, but can also serve as pathways to memories in other places. What is shared between the artist and the participants will remain private and will assist in devising the process and inform the materials used in her eventual performance-installation that is made of, and for, the place of Willoughby.

Please contact WeiZen Ho on 0416 038 897 or weiofzen@gmail.com to arrange a suitable time and place to meet.

Image: WeiZen Ho, Stories from the Body #3 - Spice Trails, 2016, performance for Interchange Festival. Photograph by Heidrun Löhr

About the Artist

WeiZen devises performances and participatory works that occupy the spaces of uncertainty between performance, ritual andinstallation. She investigates methods of accessing the memory body through a combination of image concept sketching, vocal-bodywork, improvisation techniques and the mimicry of spirit possession. Perceiving spirit possession rituals as socially transformative and empowering, WeiZen’s performance structures employ accoutrements and imagery work that coalesce relationships between body, voice, sound and site.

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illuminations of created place 

WeiZen Ho's performance-installation illuminations of created place will be part of the Willoughby City Council curated exhibition Parallel Wanderings 双 行 游. This exhibition is part of the exhibition series; Human Beings and Nature Are One 天人合一, presented by Chatswood Year of the Tiger

Human Beings and Nature Are One 天人合一 is an exhibition series celebrating Lunar New Year on the North Shore. It is delivered in partnership by Willoughby City Council and Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts & Culture. 


  • Friday, 29 October 2021 | 12:00 AM - Friday, 31 December 2021 | 11:59 PM