Navigating the local Chinese market for small businesses

Learn how to tap into the local Chinese market and boost your small business at our event on April 9 2024!

Unlock the local Chinese market in Sydney with an evening full of insights in Willoughby, Sydney. Tailored for small businesses, this event aims to shed light on consumer behaviours, digital engagement platforms, and provide networking platforms for entrepreneurs who want to understand and target the Chinese community in Sydney.


  • Consumer behaviour insights: Understand the demographics and buying habits of the Chinese population in Sydney.
  • Social media strategies: Discover the most effective social media platforms to engage Chinese consumers and drive business growth.
  • Influencer marketing: Learn from a local Chinese influencer's successful collaborations with brands like Cartier, La Mer, Range Rover.
  • Interactive Q&A: Address your questions and share experiences on market entry and expansion.
  • Networking: Connect with other businesses and potential collaborators to enhance your market presence.

Who Should Attend:

Ideal for any small business owners interested in tapping into or expanding within the local Chinese market in Sydney.

Join us to unlock the keys to success in the vibrant Chinese market in Sydney. Secure your spot for an evening of valuable insights and connections!


  • Tuesday, 09 April 2024 | 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM


Zenith Theatre and Convention Centre Auditorium, Cnr Mcintosh Street & Railway Street, Chatswood, 2067, View Map

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