Community Gardens

Under the current COVID-19 requirements there remains a limit of 20 persons at scheduled community garden meetings. Please see below the meeting times scheduled for each garden. When attending a meeting please report to the Garden Co-ordinator on arrival to the garden and ensure to sign on, leave your contact details and follow the COVID Safe Work Method guidelines as instructed by your Co-ordinator for working in the garden. For further information please go to NSW Government COVID 19.

Council recognises community gardening as a valuable recreational activity that contributes to health and well-being, positive social interaction, community development, environmental education and sustainable principles, and sustainable use of open space.

For inspiration on growing your own food, visit Food & Garden.

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Establish a Community Garden

There is a procedure(PDF, 68KB) for groups wishing to form new community gardens in Willoughby. Residents are encouraged to work in partnership with Council and other organisations in the establishment of new community gardens. Establishing a community garden can be a complex process that requires consultation with a range of stakeholders. There are a number of issues that need to be considered before a community garden is initiated.

Community Garden Philosophy


  • Minimal importing of resources
  • Re-use existing materials
  • Re-use waste generated on site


  • No artificial pesticides or herbicides
  • Use of non-hybrid plant seeds
  • Naturally generated fertilisers


  • Contain nutrients within beds
  • Prevent weed infestation without harming wildlife
  • Provide habitat for native fauna