Lodge a Planning Proposal (PP)

From April 2021, Council only accepts online PP applications via the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE)’s ePlanning Portal.

Please do not submit / post your applications to Council.


Step 1.Create/log into your account

Register an account and apply your PP application via Department of Planning, Industry & Environment’s ePlanning Portal.

Step 2.Attach Council’s Checklist

A planning proposal application to make a change to the WLEP must be accompanied by a completed Council’s checklist as well as additional information to support the proposal. 

You must attach Council’s Checklist for submitting your Planning Proposal(PDF, 221KB)

Planning proposal applications will require external planning expertise on behalf of the applicant. It is recommended that a town planning consultant be engaged for the preparation of planning proposal applications regardless of whether the proposal is of a minor or major nature. Other specialist consultants may also be needed to provide technical input to the proposal.

See this guideline on how to prepare your Planning Proposal

Step 3.Create a new Planning Proposal on Portal

Create a new online PP application and fill in the application details by following the prompts online.

For help, use this quick reference guide from the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment.

Step 4.Upload all necessary attachments

Once you have entered most of the application details, you will be prompted to upload documents, use the same quick reference guide to assist you in uploading files.

Please follow Council’s Electronic Application Requirements for guidance on how to prepare your digital files, particularly to ensure you name your files within 100 characters, save them in PDF format and limit the size of your files to 300MB as the Portal will not accept the files not following this requirement

Step 5.Review all application details and uploaded documents

Please review all the questions you have answered for your PP application and note carefully the declaration statements you checked in the checkboxes before submitting your application.

Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your submitted application.

Important note: your “submitted” application via the Portal is not considered "formally lodged" until Council advises in writing via email or “accepts” it via the Portal and upon payment of application fees.

Step 6.Wait for Council’s Review

Council will review your application and assess whether or not your online application is acceptable.

You will be advised in writing via the email to provide additional information or pay the relevant application fees as required.

Step 7.Provide additional information

If your online Application is:

  1. inadequate, you may be advised the required Additional Information in letter sent via the Portal and be prompted by an automatically generated email from the Portal.
  2. substantially inadequate, your application will be returned to you (with reasons) via the Portal.
  3. adequate, you will be advised by a “Fee Request Letter” sent via the Portal and be prompted by an automatically generated email from the Portal.

Step 8.Pay the required fees & provide 2 sets of hard-copies

You will be advised by Council’s “Fee Request Letter” to:

  1. Pay the required fees via the methods specified on the letter; and
  2. Provide Council (in person / by courier) TWO (2) sets of hard-copies of identical documents / drawings you have submitted on the Portal.

Your application will then be lodged and registered onto Council’s computer system.

Step 9.Preliminary Assessment

The lodged documentation will be checked by the Planning Proposal Review Team. They may request more information further down the track, refer the PP to other officers and allocate a PP Assessment Officer.

They may also reject the PP and return it to the proponent.

A preliminary assessment by the Assessment Officer is generally made within 3 to 4weeks upon lodgement. The applicant is advised of any issues and may be requested for additional information.