Received development applications

On display until 20 February 2027, 12:00 AM

10 to 16 February 2024

Council received the following applications during the period mentioned above. These applications can be viewed online on Council’s Application Tracking system.


78 Baroona Road, NORTHBRIDGE                   

Subdivision of existing dual occupancy in to two lots.


7A Armstrong Street, WILLOUGHBY                 

Construction of a new street crossover and internal driveway to the front of the property.


446 Victoria Avenue, CHATSWOOD                  

Alterations and additions to existing RSL premises to include new front façade, replacement of windows, signage, cladding, metal screens and louvres, awning and associated works.


24 Strathallen Avenue, NORTHBRIDGE           

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, decking, stairs, windows, skylight, demolition of existing carport, new concrete slab and carport and associated works.


141-145 Victoria Avenue, CHATSWOOD          

Consolidation of existing premises and alterations and additions including fitout to a chemist and associated works.


34 Calbina Road, NORTHBRIDGE                    

Modify original proposal to include changes to carport and condition 5, referral to Rural Fire Service.


59 Rembrandt Drive, MIDDLE COVE                 

Modify original proposal to retain existing driveway and back stairs to carport, convert existing carport to garage and associated works.


20 Rembrandt Drive, MIDDLE COVE                 

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling to include enlarge existing deck, cladding, replace roof tiles to sheet metal, reconfiguration of windows, new detached studio in rear yard and associated works.


39 The Tor Walk, CASTLECRAG                       

Demolition of existing dwelling, garage and driveway and construction of a 3 level dwelling, detached garage, swimming pool and related landscaping.


497 Mowbray Road West, LANE COVE NORTH                                           

Modify original proposal to include replacing existing rear deck with access to verandah with awning roof and associated works.