Received development applications

On display until 15 May 2026, 12:00 AM

FROM 29 april to 12 may

Council received the following applications during the period mentioned above. These applications can be viewed online on Council’s Application Tracking system.


174 Mowbray Road, WILLOUGHBY                   

Subdivision of dual occupancy.


18 Kareela Road, CHATSWOOD                       

Alterations and additions to existing Heritage Item and associated works.


27 Upper Cliff Avenue, NORTHBRIDGE            

Construction of new dwelling, garage, swimming pool, landscaping and associated works.


33 Minnamurra Road, NORTHBRIDGE             

Alterations and first floor addition, garage, sauna, kitchen extension, reconfiguration of internal layout and associated works.


18 Harwood Avenue, CHATSWOOD                  

New carport and associated works.


8 Ann Street, WILLOUGHBY EAST                    

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling to include rear extension and associated works.


11 Cramer Crescent, CHATSWOOD                  

Modify original proposal to include enclosing existing carport, modify decking and stairs, landscaping, relocation of retaining walls and swimming pool fence and associated works.


1 Anderson Street, CHATSWOOD                     

Installation of vehicular bridge safety barriers and rooftop security screens.


2, 2B, 4 and 6 Northcote Street, NAREMBURN

Modify existing consent conditions 80 and 129.


2, 2B, 4 & and Northcote Street, NAREMBURN

Modify the built form and layout of approved Block A to accommodate reconfigured corner apartment layouts and other minor building changes.


3 Muttama Road, ARTARMON                           

Modify existing consent to amend Conditions 2 and 70 to allow demolition and reconstruction of the verandah, entry steps and front living room, and delete Condition 26 which requires a qualified Heritage Architect to oversee the build.


28 Archer Street, CHATSWOOD                        

Modify original proposal to include changes to internal layouts, basement car parking, landscaping and associated works.


8 The Scarp, CASTLECRAG                              

Modify condition of consent to delete requirement for privacy screen.


2-14 Northcote Street, NAREMBURN                 

Modify existing consent for Staged Concept including alterations to the building envelope and land uses.


47 Market Street, NAREMBURN                        

Additions and alterations to existing semi-detached dwelling, new carport, front fence and associated works.


26 Deepwater Road, CASTLE COVE                 

Construction of dwelling, detached garage and associated works.


309 Eastern Valley Way, MIDDLE COVE           

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including removal of garage and associated works.


29 Woonona Road, NORTHBRIDGE                 

Construction of a carport extension to the existing garage and replacement of the cabana roof.