Determined development applications

On display until 29 April 2027, 12:00 AM

From 13 to 26 April 2024

Issued Development Consents

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

1 Donnelly Road, Naremburn

Modify original proposal to delete garage and fencing, and alter the layout and size of the secondary dwelling.

7A Armstrong Street, Willoughby

Construct a new vehicle crossover and hard stand car space in front of the property.

6 Blakesley Street, Chatswood

Modify consent to allow reconstruction of building elements that were required to be retained as part of the original approval.

25 Chiltern Road, Willoughby

Modify existing consent to amend vehicular crossing and related conditions 8 & 33.

58 & 60 Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge

Modification of existing consent to include internal and external works throughout the approved residential flat building including roof alterations, additions to unit 3.02 to create 3-bedroom unit, changes to basement including deletion of car stacker, modifications to conditions of consent including condition 3(a) relating to removal of 7 basement car parking spaces, and associated works.

21A Slade Street, Naremburn

Construction of pergola to existing dwelling and associated works.

70 Hampden Road, Artarmon

Modify existing consent to amend the internal layout of the shop top dwellings and changes to the garage and associated works.

21A Robert Street, Willoughby East

Alterations and additions to existing semi-detached dwelling and associated works.

345 Victoria Avenue & 5 Havilah Street, Chatswood

Modify condition 1 and original proposal to include changes to external façade, awnings and associated works.

10 Rhodes Avenue, Naremburn

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, including: new front fence; rear awning with skylights; new cabana; reduce size of existing swimming pool; tree removal; and, associated works.

42 Robinson Street, Chatswood

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and associated works, including removal of a tree.

15 Dowel Street, Chatswood

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling, double garage and associated works.

9 Blakesley Street, Chatswood

Modify existing consent to replace roof tiling of existing dwelling and increase the ceiling height and roof height of the proposed rear addition.

44 Narooma Road, Northbridge

Alterations and Additions, including a first-floor addition and the construction of a swimming pool.