Determined development applications

On display until 01 May 2026, 12:00 AM

From 15 to 28 April 2023

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Issued development consents


459B Mowbray Road West, LANE COVE NORTH                                         

Alterations and additions to the rear of the existing dwelling, internal layout changes and associated works.


5 Violet Street, CHATSWOOD                            

Modify original proposal to include changes to location of rainwater tank, windows and doors, awnings, rear and front fence.


53 Stafford Road, ARTARMON                          

Modify original proposal to include changes to the external door, roof flashing, and addition of cover over the laundry external door and pool.


501 Willoughby Road, WILLOUGHBY                

Modify original proposal to include changes to existing shop-top housing unit kitchen and lounge layouts, garage doors, car spaces, location of air-conditioning units on roof, addition of external fire hydrant, booster enclosure and associated works.


65 Tyneside Avenue, NORTH WILLOUGHBY   

Demolition of existing dwelling, construction of new dwelling with internal double garage, swimming pool, detached rear gym and sauna structure, landscaping and associated works.


35 View Street, CHATSWOOD                           

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, including second floor addition at the rear and associated works.


37 The Battlement, CASTLECRAG                    

Modify original proposal to include retain existing garage length and associated works.


65 Sydney Street, WILLOUGHBY                      

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling and associated works.


39 Moola Parade, CHATSWOOD                       

Proposed inclined passenger lift and associated alterations to existing dwelling.


6 Blakesley Street, CHATSWOOD                     

Modify original proposal by removing the existing exterior paint on brick to expose the existing brown face brick and associated works.


396 Eastern Valley Way, ROSEVILLE               

Demolition of existing structures and construction of attached 2 storey dual occupancy, garages, driveway, landscaping and associated works.


22 Greville Street, CHATSWOOD                      

Construction of new two storey dwelling house and associated works.


43 Third Avenue, WILLOUGHBY EAST             

Alterations and upper floor addition to existing dwelling house, carport, landscaping, installation of skylights and associated works.


10 Bellambi Street, NORTHBRIDGE                  

Construction of double carport, driveway crossing, removal and replacement of street trees, external stairs, paths and associated works.


9 Greville Street, CHATSWOOD                        

Alterations and first floor additions to existing dwelling, and associated works.


49 Whiting Street, ARTARMON                          

Installation of two garage roller doors, one masonry wall and associated works.


86 Kameruka Road, NORTHBRIDGE                

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling, enlarge garage, rear alfresco area, retaining walls, landscaping and associated works.


144 Fullers Road, CHATSWOOD WEST           

Torrens title subdivision of existing dual occupancy into two (2) lots.


9 Nardoo Road, WILLOUGHBY                          

Addition of a swimming pool in the rear yard, pool cabana, landscaping and associated works.


5 Covelee Circuit, MIDDLE COVE                      

Interior wall configuration change.