Determined development applications

On display until 21 February 2026, 12:00 AM

From 4 February to 17 February 2023

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Issued development consents


199 Penshurst Street, NORTH WILLOUGHBY        

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling and associated works.


31 Kooba Avenue, CHATSWOOD    

New carport, new gazebo to the rear of the property, enclose space under existing rear balcony and decking with storeroom and associated works.


36 Bellambi Street, NORTHBRIDGE            

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and associated works.


7 Coolaroo Road, LANE COVE NORTH      

Rear additions to existing dwelling, rear balconies and associated works.


5 Malacoota Road, NORTHBRIDGE

Demolition of existing carport and construction of new carport and associated works.


9 Coorabin Road, NORTHBRIDGE  

Modify existing consent by adding 2 small shrouds around external lift doors and associated works.


64 Johnson Street, CHATSWOOD   

Alterations and additions to residential development, including a double carport, modify existing boundary fence to include new gates and associated works.


17 Heights Crescent, MIDDLE COVE           

Modify existing consent by deleting and changing windows and skylights, changes to roofing layouts, changes to external stairs, increase deck awning, rainwater tank updates, replace rear window awnings, addition of retaining walls and associated works.


33 Frenchs Road, WILLOUGHBY    

Alterations and first floor addition to existing semi-detached dwelling (site is next to a Heritage Item) and associated works.


22 Ulm Street, LANE COVE NORTH            

Installation of metal carport over existing driveway and associated works.


137 High Street, WILLOUGHBY EAST        

New carport and associated works.