Determined development applications

On display until 15 May 2026, 12:00 AM

From 29 april to 12 may 2023

Pursuant to s.4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Regulations, Council notifies the granting of the following development consents and/or Complying Development Certificates which can be viewed on Council’s Application Tracking system.

Issued development consents


19 Covelee Circuit, MIDDLE COVE                    

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including changes to front verandah, internal modifications, roof, alfresco patio area, rear first floor deck, remove existing swimming pool and replace with a new swimming pool, landscaping and associated works.


10 Wallace Street, WILLOUGHBY                      

Modify existing consent by revising first floor building form and new swimming pool.


115 Ashley Street, ROSEVILLE                          

Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling, swimming pool and associated works.


401 Mowbray Road West, CHATSWOOD          

Modify condition 51(a) relating to trees.


22 Martin Street, NAREMBURN                         

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, rear extension to verandah, demolition and replace existing carport, boundary fencing, landscaping and associated works.


27 Narooma Road, NORTHBRIDGE                  

Modify original proposal to allow internal and external changes.


3 Laurel Street, WILLOUGHBY EAST                

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of new two storey dwelling, double garage, new front fence and gate, swimming pool and associated works.


298 Victoria Avenue, CHATSWOOD                  

Alterations and additions to existing premises to include external changes, signage and associated works.


134 Edinburgh Road, CASTLECRAG                 

Modify existing consent to allow a new carport behind the building line.


Calbina Road, NORTHBRIDGE                          

Internal and external alterations and additions to existing dwelling, and associated works.


6 Allambie Road, CASTLE COVE                      

Modify original proposal to allow internal and external changes, including extending the width of the garage and decking.


47 Headland Road, CASTLE COVE                   

Construction of detached garage and outbuilding.


90 Sydney Street, WILLOUGHBY                      

Torrens title subdivision of an existing single allotment into two Torrens title allotments.


75 Coolawin Road, NORTHBRIDGE                  

Modify original (court approved 2022/53684) proposal to include internal alterations and additions, extension of swimming pool and water catchment area, garage wall, changes front entrance, windows, addition of planter boxes, glass privacy, skylights, solar panels and associated works.


66 Chandos Street, ST LEONARDS                   

Modify existing consent condition no 23 for the continuation of the trial period hours of operation (7am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday, inclusive of public holidays).


131 Neerim Road, CASTLE COVE                     

Alterations and internal reconfiguration to existing dwelling, extension of 2 existing balconies, roof tiles recladded, installation of skylight windows, new roof over south east bedroom bay windows and associated works.


9 The High Tor, CASTLECRAG                          

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including carparking, swimming pool, landscaping and associated works.


8 Cawarrah Road, MIDDLE COVE                     

Alterations and additions to dwelling including first floor addition, swimming pool and associated works.


116 Edinburgh Road, CASTLECRAG                 

Installation of boom gate to private parking area at the rear of the properties.


7 Heights Crescent, MIDDLE COVE                   

Modify existing consent to amend wording relating to conditions for works to be carried out prior issue of an Occupation Certificate.


23 Alleyne Street, CHATSWOOD                       

Proposed single carport attached to the existing dwelling.


104 Sydney Street, NORTH WILLOUGHBY      

Alterations and additions to dwelling, new pool, front fence, carport over existing hardstand, front yard tree removal and associated works.


26 The Rampart, CASTLECRAG                        

Addition of external western stairs and pedestrian gate, new western side retaining wall, addition of a double garage door, changes to windows, updates to external colours and finishes and associated works.


15 Talus Street, NAREMBURN                          

Demolition of the existing dwelling, structures and construction of multi dwelling housing development consisting of four (4) dwellings, basement car parking, landscaping and associated works.


78 Artarmon Road, ARTARMON                        

Demolition of existing rear extension and construction of new rear extension and associated works.


43 Euroka Street, NORTHBRIDGE                    

Alterations and additions to existing residence including upper floor addition, and garage and associated works.


4 Broadcast Way, ARTARMON                          

Provision of an end of journey facility for cyclists, new building cladding and associated works.


107 The Bulwark, CASTLECRAG                       

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, internal layout changes, swimming pool fencing, covered entertainment area above existing garage, new skylights to rear addition and associated works.


11 Minimbah Road, NORTHBRIDGE                 

Modify original proposal to included changes to roof box gutter positions, windows, internal alterations and additions, addition of water storage tanks and screening, fire curtains, extend boatshed and associated works.


44 Findlay Avenue, ROSEVILLE 

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.


41 Warrane Road, NORTH WILLOUGHBY                               

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, including a first floor addition and pergola.